Why you should switch your website to WordPress NOW

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Wordpress: The next generation of websites

Whether you’re just getting your business started or you have had a site for a while and you just aren’t happy with it, you may have heard of WordPress and might be wondering what it is. Simply put, WordPress is a publishing platform used for building websites and blogs.  With a domain and hosting service, Lewis Graphic Design can have your new site installed in 24 hours.  Your new WordPress site can easily features all the bells and whistles: blogs, comments, social media connections, ecommerce, forums, polls and surveys at no extra cost!

WordPress is a free and powerful content mangement system that powers millions of websites worldwide, and many big brands use WordPress: CNN, PlayStation, New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, and even Ford- they all use WordPress!  WordPress is used by over 14% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites and is the most popular CMS (content management system) on the internet according to BuiltWith. And, WordPress allows your website to grow with your business.

So if you have an old school website, now is a great time to think about switching over to WordPress.


Here are the top 5 reasons why:


1.) WordPress is super easy to use!

This is maybe my favorite thing about WordPress. WordPress is easier to maintain than an old school HTML website and you don’t have to be a technical genius to learn how to use it. I always tell my clients: if you know how to use a Microsoft Word, (and lets be honest who doesn’t?) Once Lewis Graphic Design launches your site, YOU will be able to easily update the content on your WordPress site.

Beyond editing content, WordPress offers a backend administrator interface that’s visually easy to navigate and very effective. Everything is organized in a logical manner, so it’s easy to find what you are looking for, whether it is adding/editing a page or post, uploading images, managing users, etc. WordPress is the best content management system to use to build your website!

2.) WordPress can be more interactive than an old school HTML website

If your website was built on using a web site builder like Dreamweaver, it’s harder to add interactive features to it such as blogs, comments, social media connections, ecommerce, polls and surveys, forums, etc. In most cases you’ll need to learn how to install complicated software and integrate it with your website. The other alternative is that you have to rely on an outside service to do these things which may cost you a monthly service fee. With WordPress, you can easily add these features in a few moments by simply installing a plugin.

Wordpress is very easy to update and mobile-device friendly.

3.) It’s easier to make WordPress websites look good in mobile devices and browsers

Not everyone is surfing online using a desktop computer or laptop any more. People are using mobile phones, iPads, Blackberrys, and other mobile devices. That means that you need to make sure that your website is prepared for these mobile visitors. But designing for mobile devices isn’t easy. There are dozens of different devices and browsers out there and each device can display your web site in a slightly different way… and you need to accommodate all of them. If you’re maintaining your website using a website builder, this will get complicated really fast. With WordPress, there are plugins and themes available that takes the guesswork and frustration out of designing your website for mobile phones.

4.) WordPress is SEO friendly and secure

Search engines such as Google love WordPress because it uses well-written code. If you’re looking to get a head start with Search Engine Optimization, WordPress is the way to go for your website and/or blog. In addition, adding fresh relevant content to your website is easy with WordPress which is highly recommended since it tells search engines that your site is alive and well, thereby increasing your website’s rank and your chances of being found via organic searches. WordPress continues to evolve. It is constantly updated, bringing new features and making life even easier. Updates are also released to resolve security vulnerabilities which (due to the nature of the internet) are a constant threat.

5.) The WordPress system is free

Custom content management systems are fairly expensive. A good website building software like Dreaweaver could easily cost you hundreds of dollars. WordPress is completely open source and is available to the general public.  Therefore, all you need is a domain and web hosting service to host your website. Plugins which offer features like real time stats and flash photo galleries are generally free as well. Currently there are over 4,000 plugins and 700 themes that are listed at wordpress.org.


Call today to find out how Lewis Graphic Design can take your old website and bring it to the next level by putting it on the WordPress content management system. Your site will feature a modern design and all the special features that customers expect from a professional site.  The best part?  After about an hour of training, YOU can be in complete control of your site, adding fresh content with ease and as often as you wish. Websites have never been so much fun!

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