Web Rates

Web advertising design

Single item Web graphics/ads/banners/buttons  $100 (static ad/any size)
Flash ad/any size   $250


Website Domain/Hosting Configuration   

Setup fee  $200*
*Configuration fee covers me setting up your account through a valid web hosting/domain seller such as godaddy.com. Actual domain name charge and hosting fees will vary based on rate offered by vendor site and the type of plan that suits your needs and the availability of the domain name.


Website Construction   

Based on platform and specific client needs including but not limited to number of pages, special effects (Flash), copywriting, links, forms, graphic intensity, ongoing maintenance etc.  Below are SAMPLE pricing for 3 types of available platforms. Website jobs will be quoted per project specifically after detailed discussion of client needs.




Domain and hosting required.

    Pages 1-10 page site       $150 per page
    11-25 page site                $140 per page
    26+ page site                   $135 per page
  • Premium Add-Ons
    Matching Blog Page (to be included in primary navigation)   $250
    Flash or rollover menus       $25
    Flash Slideshow or Banner (up to 10 slides)    $100

Ongoing Maintenance (Webmaster Services through Lewis Design) $60/hour
All website maintenance is done through Adobe Dreamweaver.




In 2009, Lewis Graphic Design became a certified vendor of the permium contentn manger system, Bizzuka.
My clients now have the opportunity to have their sites built on this powerful, editable platform with the unique and custom stylings only Lewis Design can offer.  Domain required, hosting included.

  • Design Implementation*   Bizzuka  $3690
    Deploy/Kickoff/Review/Training      $1435
    Header                                                  $615
    Navigation                                            $410
    Body Page                                            $820
    Sub Navs                                              $410

*An implementation fee desposit will be required up front for Bizzuka.

Additional fees

  • Monthly Hosting and Licensing Fee (yearly) Bizzuka   $1800/year  (18 components plan), required
    Individual Page Design/Content Population by Lewis Design: $100 per page, optional

NOTE:  Price includes edits to the site up to one week after initial launch date.  All other edits or recurring maintenance or content upkeep will be billed at $60/hour. Training is provided on the Bizzuka system so that the client will be fully capable of maintaining the site in house if they prefer….this is one of the many benefits of Bizzuka content management.





Offers full editing capability on the WordPress content management platform. Custom designed template. Requires domain and hosting.

  • Basic Pages
    1-10 page site                    $150 per page
    11-25 page site                  $140 per page
    26+ page site                     $135 per page
  • Photo Gallery Page           $200 per page

 WordPress training is offered at $60 per hour.



Web Specific Terms

Maintenance and Hourly Rate
This estimate includes minor webpage maintenance to regular webpages over a one-month period, including updating links and making minor changes to a sentence or paragraph. It does not including removing nearly all the text from a page and replacing it with new text. If the client or an agent other than Lewis Graphic Design attempts updating the client’s pages, time to repair webpages will be assessed at an  hourly rate of $40, and is not included as part of the updating time. The one-month maintenance period commences upon the date the site goes live.

Changes requested by the client beyond those limits will be billed at the hourly rate of $60. This rate shall also govern additional work authorized beyond the maximums specified above for such services as general Internet orientation education, marketing consulting, webpage design, editing, modifying product pages and databases in an online store, and art, photo, graphics services, and helping clients learn how to use their own webpage editor.   Text Revisions Please send us me your final text. Time required to make substantive changes to client-submitted text after the webpages have been constructed will be additional, billed at the hourly rate.

Minor Revisions
Minor Revision includes navigation name changes, font styles, text changes, simple color changes, alteration of plain background or borders, replacement of new graphic already made available by the client.

Major Revisions
Major Revision includes changes in major design elements, like the entire color scheme of the site, complex background and complex borders, main character elements and custom graphics that will be created from scratch, changes in the navigational structure, 3D elements and those that will effect the slicing of graphics and overall look and feel of the website and those changes that will affect the structure of the database or other backend programs already integrated on the site.